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Guess the team member – Day 6…

Posted in General Blurb! by bcm06 on 02/06/2010

We’re nearly at the end of our ‘Guess the team member special’. We hope it’s given you an insight into the day to day life of Box Clever.  A big thank you to everyone who have played along, we’ll revel who this mystery person is on Friday afternoon. For now though, another day, another question…

9) Cats or dogs?

Well traditionally I was a cat person. I grew up in a family, being the only one that would look after the cat. Adam (husband) has always been brought up with dogs. We have Jessie (the cat) she’s quite old now and spends most of the time asleep, and we’ve got Bella (the dog) and she’s fantastic. The difference between how they react with you is completely different. I’m honored I get a cuddle from the cat because she doesn’t give it to everyone, where as Bella wants everyone to tickle her tummy!! Equally, I know she loves cuddles with me at the end of day… so it’s a tricky one.


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